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We had our son on March 31st via emergency csection…

So I’m still in recovery right now but I have to confess that hubs and I have already fooled around a little even though full on sex is off the playing field till 6 weeks post op.
He has his game back after ending a course of anxiety meds… So I’m suddenly getting all this attention again! Yay!!

Anyway just thought I’d finally drop in here and update y’all!

I’m not posting pics of our son here though but if you would like to find out more of our story/see photos please message me and I’ll direct you to my personal blog :)

I will however take some post pregnancy pics of myself soon I think? ;) so watch this space!

Ciao for now!

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What I wouldn’t do for a thick load of his cum inside me right now.

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i fucking love trippy chill music can anyone recommend any artists/albums x

Massive Attack, Orchard Lounge

checked out both of them, theyre both too lyric-y and too much. not chilled enough. thanks tho

Boards of Canada? Kid Loco? Cinematic Orchestra? The avalanches?

Nightmares on wax

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Now they should switch.

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<3 cute <3

*A lot

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Well trained little cock gobbler